Grammar Spy!

I know I make errors, sometimes because the “autospeller” that is supposed to help with misspelled words doesn’t know that I really wanted a different word. That, and I’m a much better speller than I am typist. That being said, I do enjoy the way that homonyms sneak into our emails, tweets and other means of communicating in this digital age.

Here are my favorites from the past week or so…

I think Jesus would look more aerobic (from Twitter)

I’m thinking they meant Arabic, but maybe they were looking at a portrayal that was a little puffier than a guy who walked everywhere ought to look…


Hey fever really kicked in. Awful (another unfortunate Tweet)

Although, I suppose this could be the sort of bug one might pick up by spending a little too much time in the south… Major symptom: asking people to tell mutual acquaintances that you said, “Hey.”


This facebook friend “had such a great weekend doing most of my favorite things with many of my favorite peeps. ended it well by getting the jeep stuck in door high water and using the wench to pull it out.”

I resisted the urge to ask how the wench felt about the manual labor that this must have involved, and whether or not she was allowed to use a winch. But other friends did not!


What do you think?

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