>Day 4

I pray for my dear hubby- for his eye and for the eyes of his heart to be truly opened
I pray for my son- for his tender heart and quick mind, that he would not become jaded
I pray for my mom- that she would remain healthy and sound
Today I ask that you hold them each tightly and let them know that they are indeed precious to you.

I thank you for each of them. For their support and the fact that they celebrate my small victories with me. For the ways they challenge me to love them more like you love me. For the gifts of time and hugs and smiles. For the pointless text messages that interrupt my busyness to remind me who I am. For the earnest talks that keep me from getting those important things done, reminding me that relationships are the important things. For the yelling and fighting and the melt-downs… and for forgiving me when I am slow to model that for the one yelling and fighting and melting down in front of me.

Thank you, God, for family. And all that comes with it! Every day.


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