A couple of years ago, the Hubby had cataract surgery. It was a crazy situation because our insurance didn’t want to cover the procedure because he was young (at 50) for cataracts. Somehow, the way that the initial eye doc wrote it up, they were unconvinced that it was medically necessary. We finally got it through, but then the surgeon stopped honoring our insurance plan between the time we scheduled and the actual date.

It took a fair amount of persuasion to get him to honor the surgical date and bill the company. The day of the procedure, the surgeon got behind and had to cancel. I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say that a French-Irish man coming down off anesthesia can be pretty free with his opinions when talking to the office manager of a recalcitrant physician. The surgery did happen within the week, with the understanding that we were on our own for follow-up. Thankfully, there were absolutely NO complications.

Fast-forward to two weeks ago. The Hubby goes in to take care of the cataract that developed in the other eye. Everything is covered and the doctor is so much nicer. The surgery itself goes quite well, and we are looking forward to another uneventful recovery. Over the next 4 days, we’re back at the doc’s 3 times because something is just not quite right. Then I get the call from the Hubby that something is way off… he can’t see at all through the eye. Something had happened on the way home.

That something was that the structure that holds the lens in place had ruptured, allowing the lens to dislocate and drift to the back of his eye. Something like 1 in 10,000 patients experience this sort of complication. Apparently, my man in special! This weekend (a week later) we had round 2 on this eye… and we’re now watching to make sure this procedure doesn’t go sideways.

It has been quite a journey that has required us to learn more about the eye than we ever wanted to know. In learning about the intricacies of this one organ among so many that our bodies house, I have come to appreciate even more how creative and thoughtful and intentional our Creator was and is.


What do you think?

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