Happy Anniversary to Us!

So yesterday marked 15 years of wedded bliss for us. That has always sounded so cheesy and false as a description of marriage. After all, bliss is such a difficult thing to achieve, much less maintain.

But, I can honestly say that I would be hardpressed to subtract a year’s worth of truly unhappy or awful days from our total. They come once in a while, when I focus more on my dear mate’s faults than on admitting my own shortcomings. Or when he truly forgets that we really are on the same team and goes his own way.

More often, these moments of selfishness and anger dissolve into apologies. When they last for hours, there’s the hard conversation that comes before the apologies. But always, always there comes the forgiveness and reconciliation.

I am so thankful for the rest of the days, when we are able to listen and truly hear one another’s pain. When we lift one another from the pits of sadness, frustration, and fear. I see my husband cheering me on as I try new things, and I know that even if I crash and burn in a spectacular failure- it will be ok. I love that even on those nights I come to bed when he’s dead asleep, his arm is wrapped around me in a matter of moments. I love the sparkle in his eye when we are at someone else’s wedding – and I know he reliving that day in our lives…

When we promised to love and care for each other, no matter that our life together was likely to include sickness, bad economic news, annoying neighbor dogs and a strong-willed child. And it has. And we have.

Here’s to 15 years.


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