Time to Get Growing

It’s officially my favorite time of year. It’s that wonderful time of early spring when it’s cool enough to keep the windows open at night or to spend most of the afternoon out on the back porch studying. It’s warm enough that the grass is greening back up and the trees are budding back out. But not hot yet… we’ll get there soon enough.

I love watching the new growth on the trees and shrubs. Something about the brightness of the green leaves, and even offshoots of limbs before they bark over. And then there’s the gangliness of it. The sheer quirkiness of some of the shapes that result reminds me that the orderliness of nature comes out of the chaos of creation. It reminds me that I grow in fits and starts, and that there are always areas of my own development that lag behind. It also reminds me that I need to watch for those areas that need pruning.

Maybe that’s why I look forward to Lent… the opportunity for healthy growth. The time I spend getting to know God and myself better, submitting so that God can trim back those unruly bits and nourish me in new ways.


What do you think?

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