Post Holiday Wrap-up

Or maybe this should be an unwrap-up? After all, unwrapped is a better description at this point. When I left the house, there were still gifts stacked up in the living room and not yet put away and decorations & the tree were still up. Partly because we’re waiting for one last family visitor to arrive this week and open gifts still under the tree. But we wouldn’t really have had time to put it all away anyway.

Even after making some efforts to “simplify” the holidays, it felt like a whirlwind. But, I will admit that this whirlwind was much less stressful than previous ones. We opened the B&B to some of the hubby’s family and my local sister for Christmas week. As the Millers headed out, our bestest best friends from Nashville came in to ring in the New Year. New Year’s Eve also included a jam session adding in yet another of our dear friends – 3 guitars and 2 basses and an online database of chord charts for songs from the Eagles, Creedence, Neil Young, et al out on the back porch.

I preached and led the Family Worship Service at WPC (5pm) and attended the 11pm worship service at Park Lake on Christmas Eve. I preached again at both WPC services on the 28th, which included two fun events- a baptism at the traditional service and the blessing of a civil marriage at the late service.

I was working most days in that stretch, sometimes in the office, sometimes at home – but there was a lot of writing and prepping of materials for a new team mate that had to get done. Then there was the schoolwork that needed to happen – translating Greek, reading books, etc.

Listed out like this, it seems pretty crazy. But it was tons of fun and I wouldn’t trade any of it. Well, maybe the nights we slept on the futon… it’s just not a great option for people who like softer beds (like me). But the time together with people I love is the best gift I could ask for!


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