It just hasn’t happened

I have about 5 different things that I’ve wanted to blog about… and it just hasn’t happened. I got about halfway through a post about a recent webcast by our PC(USA) Moderator about a paper titled “Rebuilding the Presbyterian Establishment.” That got me thinking about how the problem with leadership in the denomination may have less to do with structural deficiencies than with the lack of leadership training for those going out into the pastorate.

Then there was the whole Rick Warren at the inauguration thing, which got me to thinking about the way this choice is so appropriate for what Obama is trying to say… that it can’t continue to be us vs. them. Unless everyone has a voice at the table, unless we quit moving from side to side, we can never hope to move forward.

Then there are these thoughts rolling about in my head about how everyone of the folks who were involved in the insanity that is the financial turmoil in America- the predatory lenders, the CEOs, the others who were not thinking of anyone and only of making a buck – those people should all be required to sit and watch A Christmas Carol. Perhaps with a study guide. The foreclosures, the lack of health care… it’s almost eerie.

I could also go on about the different things that I’ve seen around town that have made it Christmas, or made it feel like anything but…

I haven’t really taken the time to write up any of these things. Not because I haven’t given them sufficient thought to put words to paper (pixel). I just have actually tried to spend a little more time with my guys… sitting, watching, talking, snuggling. I was afraid the FPK would have outgrown that by now. Thankfully that hasn’t happened either.


What do you think?

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