Weather Wondering

One of the home pages when I open Explorer is iGoogle. It loads almost as fast as plain Google, supports themes and has some fun little widgets. The first one I added was for Weather- current temp, forecast, etc. I track my hometown here in Central Florida, Dubuque Iowa (since I’m there a couple of times a year), Temple Texas (my brother’s fam) and Ketchikan Alaska (my sister).

So, I just popped over to check my rss feeds and noticed that as of 9am, it was 65 here, 5 in Dubuque, 37 in Temple and 25 in Ketchikan. I’m not sure why that fascinates me. Maybe it’s the fact that I could hop a plane and be in 2 of those 3 locations within half a day (security line not included). Maybe it’s because our weather is actually fairly consistently in the warm to crazy-hot range.

I do know that I am thankful for the cool weather we had in November, the nice evenings we are still experiencing, and the songbirds that we get to host this time of year. I am also thankful that I get to experience two weeks of winter again this year with my friends! Florida simply is not a winter wonderland…


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