When Universes Collide the World Gets Smaller

I’m pretty sure it was George Costanza who gave words to those moments that occur from time to time when the people you associate with in one aspect of life meet people from another.

It’s funny- I don’t really think of myself as having multiple universes, since I really do make an effort to be authentic and present as me wherever I am. But once in a while, universes collide…

Usually it’s a work person crashing into something else. Like my new boss’s daughter. She had actually visited our church several times and attended a Bible Study for college age students mom hosted at our house. She’s good friends with the drummer in our praise band and his best friend (who, btw, leads the youth group that the FPK attends). So, I go to the new boss’s house for a team brunch, one of those meet and greet times. His daughter comes out and I can’t for the life of me figure where I’ve seen her. She’s just flat in the wrong context. It took about 2 hours for me to finally make the connection.

This past week, the CPM chairperson, who is becoming a good friend, asked me if I knew someone else who worked at the HQ. Oddly, I did. Usually I don’t since I only know about 75 or so of the 1500 folks who work there. Not only do I know this person, I work with her regularly… and she’s related by way of an aunt to my CPM chair.

Then there’s the whole virtual world… how odd that one of the people I’ve only just met in person after following on Facebook and in the blogosphere actually knows a couple of the other people I work with at HQ.

I suppose it’s mostly fun. But it’s also a good reminder that the world is much smaller than we think…


What do you think?

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