Still Giving Thanks

So today- the day AFTER Thanksgiving – I’ve got a handful of things I’m thankful for, like…

  • My household being able to hang together for more than 24 hours without wanting to kill one another.
  • The stories that are retold (and family members who come back to life) every time we unpack the boxes of Christmas ornaments.
  • The promise that there’s always next season for the teams you really wish would have won the big game
  • Low pressure bargain-hunting (anything after 9 am is good) that gets even better when that one really cool thing is still around at 2pm!
  • Checkout clerks who manage to be in good spirits and smile back at you -even after being on duty for hours helping folks who are in full-on-task mode.
  • Having a safe place to live and plenty of food to eat and clean clothes to wear
  • Knowing that I am loved!

What do you think?

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