>Meandering Thoughts

>Today I was at the library of one of the local seminaries. I had a paper to write and needed additional resources, which I had a hard time finding in our online database of journals. The best part was standing in front of a bookshelf about 4 feet wide with 5 levels– all full of books on Matthew! And that didn’t include the commentaries. It was fun carting actually heavy books to an actual study carrel to rummage through and find the bits I needed.

I guess that’s the one thing I miss by doing the distance program. I don’t get to hang out in the library, breathing in that smell of used books. Finding the book that isn’t the one you thought you wanted, but it’s even better. Turning pages instead of scrolling down. Even running into someone in the stacks who’s working on something similar and commiserating. And of course, there’s that great feeling of rebellion when you sneak a slurp from the contraband soda in the “Absolutely No Food or Drink” Zone.

So, I got my stuff for my paper, then headed back to the trusty kitchen table to write. One of these days, I’m actually going to get started on a paper more than 8 hours before it’s due. It’s happened before… just not this semester. Way too much going on- along with the reading load being insane.

It came together better than I thought it might, given that I had NO idea what I was going to find when I left the house this morning. I mean really- how much cultural stuff can you find in the passage where Jesus and Peter go for a walk on the water? Thank goodness for professional academics who devote their careers to this sort of study. I found more than enough for my short paper, and now I’m just hoping it was enough of the right stuff.

Not much else to blab about. Just waiting for the laundry fairy to stop by and take care of the last couple of loads. Tomorrow we’ll start the whole thing over again– read reams of paper (well pages on a screen), answer some questions, attempt to get a book report done, and translate a chunk from the Greek. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go!


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