>Whatever will they think of next?


OK, help me out here…

Playmobil has come out with an odd line of toys. Their whole business model is to create the kind of diorama play areas (like legos only prebuilt) that come with little action figures and accessories so that children can “act out” moments in history (or myths, legend, etc). I don’t have a problem with that concept… in fact, many of their little playsets are quite amazing, if crazy expensive.

What I can’t figure is why in the world they would have come out with this…

Yes, it’s a Roman Coliseum, complete with Gladiators, trap door, emporer and a lion. There’s a woman there,too. Not quite clear what her relationship is to the proceedings. On reflection, she could easily be Perpetua – one of the Christian martyrs we studied this semester… I wonder if I could get a few more people and animals, a little fake blood, set it up as the readings described, and then turn it in for extra credit?? Surely it would be tax-deductible as a learning expense.


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