Flipping Out- Over School

Ok– so I typed up the title for my Friday Five post and thought I could have posted about flipping out earlier today. This semester has been pretty tough, school wise. Exegesis isn’t too bad, but translating those long passages takes time. Church History, on the other hand, has been a real time hog. Several chapters of reading in primary and secondary sources, not to mention written lectures.
So it was mid-term time in History today. The study guide (a summary of material covered thus far) was pretty comprehensive, but the directions were not overwhelming. It seemed like we needed to be able to synthesize larger themes, recognize major ideas and their contributors, etc. We were to know some of the geography, and there were a couple of time lines that were “More detailed than we would be expected to memorize”.
Apparently that meant that we only had to memorize random chunks of it, because there was a whole section in which we were to put things in order or match specific years to events. And how could we possibly have filtered down through all the minutiae that we were exposed to over the course of six weeks, to find the odd things we would be asked.
I’ve not walked away from a test thinking I failed since Pre-Calculus as an undergrad – until this afternoon. Not that I really expected an A… I didn’t spend A time in preparation for this test. But I thought I’d studied the right way to do better than this.
Ok– so I didn’t really flip out, but I did find myself wondering why I was investing this much time and money in the front end of a recession to change careers- in a denomination where job-seekers outnumber jobs by, oh, more than I care to think about. For someone fairly even-keeled, that may be a slight flip-out…


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