A Sign of the Times

So yesterday I stopped by Walgreen’s to pick up a bag of hot dog buns. Yes, weird, but it’s a small store with a small lot that is easy to zip into when you are already running late to get home.. but I digress.

I hadn’t had any cash in my wallet since last Friday, so I paid with the trusty debit card and asked for $10 cash back. I noticed the bill was a little tired looking and had a small tear right where I folded it in the middle. Thought nothing of it until this morning…

After putting a half tank of gas in the car, I ran into the little store for some morning caffeine. I paid cash (since I had it), and when the cashier unfolded the 10, it ripped right in half. I sure didn’t see that coming… neither did he!

All I could think was… sheesh, the economy is so bad the actual bills are disintegrating!! Seemed oddly, yet sadly true.


What do you think?

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