Random October Observations

For the first time in several years, the family got to spend time up north during a season that we just don’t have here in the Magical Universe of Central Florida— FALL. Can I just say that the places we visited this weekend were beautiful? I can’t remember the last time we were all mesmerized by what we were seeing around us – all of which were supplied by nature and its Creator.

We also visited the Dr. Seuss National Memorial- a sculpture garden in his childhood hometown, Springfield Mass. It was one of the most engaging sculpture installations I’ve ever seen. And it makes me miss the Doc.

Watching a bunch of adults dance at a wedding is way too funny… getting my 13-year-old to drop his guard enough to join them was worth the effort. How fun to see him finally let loose and move around. Best part of the night? When he finally consented to a little mom-son dance to a slow song. Who knows, he might make decent company yet!

Best quote I’ve seen to help us work through our current financial mess?
When you’re going through Hell, keep going. –Winston Churchill

I know that the common knowledge is that attack ads are effective political weapons, but I’m so over them. Between the gloom and doom on the news and the increasing number of messages that candidates “approve” with warm smiles (but turn out to be vitriolic), I find myself wishing for some sort of anti-nausea medication advertisement.

Diner food is always better than chain restaurants… even those claiming to be diners or “home style.” (Insert shameless plug here for Town Line Diner in Rocky Hill, CT) Even the boy decided they rank higher than Red Robin (Yummmmm), his new favorite.

After 15 years sharing a bed with the hubby, swapping sides is not conducive to a good night’s sleep for either. And even on the right sides, no bed is as good as the one with our personalized indentations and familiar squeaks as we climb in. Ahhh…

Twitter is fun and can be a good tool for tracking friends, but it makes me not as likely to come over and actually post a normal length blog. On the other hand, coming up with something clever about the banal things one does throughout the day in 140 characters or less may just be the modern equivalent to writing haiku…


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