>Sometimes it is just hard

>I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes, life is hard. Not that this is new information for most people. Or even for me. But I think I need to remind myself of this reality. I’ve been so blessed (at times in my life, I’d have said lucky) that I’ve not had to deal with things that were life-threatening. Life-changing, yes. And I’ve experienced some rough patches and some losses. But by and large, my bumps have been pretty average.

Right now, so many people I know are battling diseases or watching family members struggle or fall apart. They seem to never get a break from the bumps… like riding a bike on cobblestones.
Meanwhile, I’m struggling to keep up with schoolwork. It sounds so ridiculous to be stressed out over papers, tests and homework when people are dealing with so much more. But I guess that’s my season right now…

It’s hard to be a mom, student, friend, employee, wife, daughter, sister, and finder of all lost items in the house. At least it’s hard to be all those things well. All at the same time. Maybe because while I’m busy keeping up with those, I forget to be a Follower.


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