Post Convention Thoughts

Even a few days (and nights’ sleep) beyond the end of both Political Party Conventions, I’m still processing some of what we saw. I’ve voted as for democrats most of my life, although I am currently registered as non-affiliated. That’s primarily because I really do try to identify the candidate that most closely aligns with my views, regardless of party affiliation. The FPK is in a history/civics class, so he was up late to watch parts of both events as well.

Here are some observations, in no particular order.

  • Both Obamas are brilliant speakers. Whether they wrote those speeches themselves or not, they were able to deliver them with passion and looked comfortable doing it.
  • Neither McCain quite looked like they hit that zone… Cindy actually made it clear that wasn’t her gig to begin with, but I’d expected more from John.
  • Sarah Palin did quite well, which may be attributable to her experience as a sportscaster/journalism major.
  • It is interesting that there are some aspects of people’s lives and stories that can be told (almost to the point of exploitation) but others are off-limits.
  • I’m not sad that Hillary isn’t the woman on the ticket this year, but I just can’t get excited about Sarah being on. With all the women out there who have more experience and influence, it seems more like a stunt choice. I don’t even follow the Republican party that closely and I can name 2-4 women who would have been more prepared for the unthinkable possibility of taking over for a fallen POTUS.
  • I’m so very impressed with Joe Biden’s commitment to being there for his children and making a home outside Washington.
  • I loved the moment when Palin’s youngest daughter was holding the baby, smoothing his hair, then licked her hand to plaster it down. Classic.
  • Next best kid moment- when the youngest Obama girl asked her dad what city he was in.
  • Favorite “rile ’em up” speakers – Montana Governor, Fred Thompson

The hardest part of the two weeks was that even as both candidates say they want to want to change the divisive partisan way that business is done… they had to use the conventions to fire up the party faithful, who expect zingers and attacks. There’s really only so much of that you can listen to before you start thinking that no one wants to do anything but tear the other side down.

How funny that our denomination seems to be stuck in a similar place… there are issues that have us ripping into one another, even as we teach and preach a gospel of reconciliation. We have thousands of members and millions of Americans who look on wondering which of those actions is really what we’re about.


What do you think?

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