Labor Day…. Hard at Work

So, I was up until way too late last night trying to finish up work that should have done on Friday. Which meant that I got to sleep late. But instead of the usual gotta get up and suffer through it anyway kind of day, it’s LABOR DAY!! So my dear hubby let me sleep in. Until 11!!

Love sleeping in. That’s the best kind of work there is, really. The only hard thing is that then there is less time to squeeze in all that stuff you’ve been saving to do on Labor Day. Like get a head start on class reading – which is in itself a bit of a fib, since I’m always behind from Day 1.

Anyway, the favorite bit of work today was actually listening to the FPK do some homework. He is supposed to practice his Bass for orchestra 20 minutes a day. He’s actually pretty good, so it’s fun to sit in the kitchen and clear out the inbox (or do other “important” stuff online) while he does his thing. There’s just nothing more mellow than an upright bass… mmmm…. it just resonates with something in the bones that no other sound does.

Now if he’d just mellow out a bit about the perfectionism, there would be fewer vocalizations that clash.


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