Books Galore

Mom and I had a fun outing this weekend – a trip to the local Cokesbury. Sadly, it now out of business. I didn’t get the word until late in the week that Saturday would be the last day open, so I was really worried that there wouldn’t be anything left by the time I got there.

It was definitely picked over, but I was able to gather up 20+ books for my library. Some were just for fun (a couple of the Liturgical Mysteries), a couple were for this semester’s work, but most are books that I’d never pick up at full price… ideas for preaching, for church leadership, and for devotions. The best part- it was $360 worth of good stuff for just $36.

All I need now is a bigger bookcase and stronger nightstand. And a few extra hours a day to squeeze in all this reading.

What do you think?

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