>When do I need to shift terms?


OK, so the boy turned 13 this week. I, of course, haven’t aged at all in those years, thanks to a slight rift in the space-time continuum that I’ve been hanging around in…

But despite my continued youth, he did indeed become a teenager. He’s suddenly got hairy legs, hobbit feet, and a voice that spans octaves with no notice. We’re trying a variety of “proven” substances to clear up the spots on the face. And – he’s actually bathing proactively without prodding. Not to mention the fact that he’s only about 1.5 inches from being as tall as me & the hubby.

I’m quite proud of our young man. Yes, he can be surly, disorganized, inappropriate, selfish, annoying and even rude. But then, he comes by that naturally. I’ve managed to be all of those in the last 24 hours, too. More often, the boy is tender-hearted, silly, cuddly, goofy, creative thoughtful, and fun to be around.

My question is this, I’ve always referred to the Hubby and the FPK collectively as the boys… is it still OK? I mean, the Hubby finds it amusing (seeing as he is a Peter Pan at 50+). But will a 13- going on 30 year old?

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