>Insert Olympic Fanfare Here


A few random thoughts on the Games thus far…

Best swimming meet for spectators in a long time. Dara Torres, Michael Phelps, of course, but then there were all the other records broken and personal bests achieved. And how gracious were Mark Spitz and Janet Evans as their records were broken? Just the coolest.

Thank goodness Shawn Johnson finally got her gold. Great smile all week, but that took it to a whole new level.

Chinese girls – all 16 this year? Come on…

Men’s and Women’s Beach Volleyball ROCKED!

What in the world happens to kids in Jamaica that makes them run so fast? Mad dogs in the streets? Manic Ice Cream Truck drivers? Whatever it is, it sure works. Usain Bolt gave us another chance to hear from a gracious former champion- Michael Johnson (of the gold shoes). Modesty certainly becomes him.

If you didn’t see it, go look up the women’s discus winning throw. Poetry in motion. Beauty and strength, grace and humility.

Tell me again why we can’t start things on East Coast time once in a while? I mean, seriously. How is a girl supposed to sleep when close races, matches and games finish after midnight? The sympathetic adrenaline rush is just too much!

And finally, somewhere about the middle of this week (week 2), Bob Costas started getting a little goofy. And not just when Mary Carillo dropped by. Maybe it was Bela Karoly’s doing… but I have to say, I like it! As long as he doesn’t go Dan-Rather-on-election-night-2001 on us, it’s a good thing to let loose a bit!

What do you think?

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