Friday Five – Road Tripping

This week’s “Five” is fairly apropos, considering that I’m a week away from my August intensive… for two weeks away from the Bear Den!

Singing Owl asks “What are the five things you simply must have when you are away from home? And why? Any history or goofy things, or stories?”

1. My cell phone. It’s not that I make that many calls, although that is nice. But when we are trying to juggle schedules in two time zones, a text message is just the thing. Besides, it also functions as my pocket watch, camera and alarm clock!

2. A bear. Stuffed, of course. When I headed off to college at 17, I was given a large bear (think 30 in tall) that was useful as travel companion, pillow and snuggle buddy. Bartholomew Horatio Bear (Esquire) slept with me almost every night from then until I got married a decade later. When the boy was old enough to start stealing from my bear collection (yes, I have a large hug of teddies, but that’s a post for another day), Bart moved to the FPK’s room. I don’t mind so much, unless the hubby’s away or I’m on the road. For some reason, pillows just don’t work as well, so when I travel, I take a travel-sized bear along. Otherwise, I’d never sleep!

3. Music. It can be radio, CDs, raucous sing-alongs of anything we can remember, just as long as it’s music. I’m sort of thankful for the iPod, since a play list is way easier than packing a stack of CDs. Or making the mix-tape in days of old. Since the FPK, hubby and I all have our own iPods, we’ve got an insane array of music to choose from as we roll.

4. Sunglasses. I know, it seems like a “duh” but I’ve left them behind enough to know that they are non-negotiable.

5. A picture of my family. I am nuts about having pictures, paint and decorations all over our walls at home. Hotels (at least the ones we can afford) tend to be a little spare in their décor. So having a framed photo of my two guys smiling at me makes it feel a little more like being home. Without the preteen boy smell!


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