I suppose it’s time for an actual post

It’s been a bit since I actually blogged instead of just posting a quiz thing. I wonder what strange new word has evolved for that sort of behavior… proof that I’m only quasi-savvy, since I’ve not a clue.

Oh well. It’s not that I don’t have anything to babble about. Just nothing terribly amusing or clever. Good thing I don’t have much of an audience to keep entertained.

Let’s see…. I’ve got new books to read for classes that get started in about 3 weeks. I’ve actually started a couple of them, in hopes of getting pre-load done before I have to pack my luggage. Still feels like summer vacation, though, since no one else in the house has homework yet.

So far, one of our summer highlights has been catching up on movies with the boys. We saw WALL-E, which was yet another great flick from Pixar. Not sure what we’ll get to in the theaters next… the guys are into Batman and Hellboy, but I’m not so sure. At least with DVDs I’ve got some say in the matter. We also discovered that our cable package includes several movie channels. Thanks to that new wrinkle, we’ve caught a handful of those movies on the AFI lists.

The FPK giggled all the way through Tootsie (although he considers Mrs Doubtfire a better movie for men-dressed-like-women humor). We were totally drawn into Witness for the Prosecution, and decided that The Day the Earth Stood Still was pretty amazing for an early sci-fi film. We got through There Will Be Blood, but opted out of No Country for Old Man. There’s just so much intensity one family can take… thus the boy’s foray into comic book territory (Hellboy, in preparation for Hellboy II at the theater sometime soon).

And now for the Weekend Update:
The FPK headed out for a sleepover last Friday, so the hubby and I snuggled up for two of our all-time faves: Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and Dogma. It was fun to watch and munch popcorn together. Saturday started with both of us sleeping in (a VERY rare treat- usually I’m all alone and snoring after 7am). We actually spent most of the day going through a few rooms to find Garage Sale fodder. We’ve got some more dunging out to do, but it was nice to finally get the guest room closet and kitchen cabinets under control. Sunday was another hang together kind of day- church and errands before a family dinner. Yeah… good times.


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