Souvenirs from Tennessee

I had a great visit with my friends in Nashville. Mostly we hung out and did a lot of nothing, which was pretty much what I would prefer to do on all vacations. After all, it’s easier to relax that way. On Saturday, however, we decided to head out to the Loveless Cafe & Motel.

This is one of those legendary places that is listed in our “Eat Your Way Across the USA” book of great places to eat. It was incredible, which is good, since there was a 90-minute wait. I don’t usually even wait that long for a ride at theme parks, but it’s not like I get a chance to eat real down-home cooking every day. Let me state for the record, the biscuits and preserves alone would be worth 90 minutes. The ham and bacon that is smoked on premises, scratch gravy, grits and perfectly scrambled eggs were good enough to make you hurt yourself eating. Oh my.

Of course, before we could get to the table to try all that amazing food, we wandered through the shops that fill the buildings that used to be a motel. An art gallery, hand-made jewelry and bike shop were highlights. There was also the “gift shop” that all landmark restaurants seem to have these days. It had the ubiquitous knick-knack items and t-shirts, as well as some truly delicious preserves and other goodies to take home with you. I picked up a key chain to add to our travel tree (that’ll be another blog entry to explain), along with some graham pretzels and a catalog so I could order some Christmas presents when the time comes.

So, Monday night, when I finally get home at almost 1 am, I was getting the important stuff out of my bag, including the little shopping bag from the Loveless. I showed my darling hubby the key chain and pointed out a couple of things in the catalog. He was immediately drawn to the coffee mugs (after all, they do transport the elixir of life from the coffee maker to the mouth).

He says, “Oh cool! Did you get me a coffee mug?”
“No,” I say. “Why would I get you ANOTHER coffee mug, since you’d only fuss about having to toss one of the old ones out?” while digging the dirty clothes out of my bag.
“But Mr. Bob got you a coffee mug!” I say, holding the buried treasure aloft
“Woohoo! Now THAT’s a mug, mate!” he says, obviously enamored with both the mug and his very best friend who know exactly what to send home as a birthday present. “Oh, and I’ll keep my part of the bargain, too. I’ll get rid of one of my old mugs.”

He’s grinning and looking quite pleased. I’m thinking to myself that the clearing out of mugs is almost as likely as his remembering to pick up the dirty clothes on his side of the bed in the morning… but a happy hubby makes for a happy me, and that makes for a good night’s sleep.

What do you think?

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