Nature Comes a-Calling

So last week, I was standing in the dining room and heard the familiar “bob-white, bob-white” whistle of the quail that live out back. Usually, when I look outside, they are back by the edge of the wooded area (a good 25 yards from our back porch) and peeking in and out of the ground cover.

This particular day, it sounded much louder and more insistent, so I looked out the french doors and there he was… just a few feet away! And he called out several more times, right where we could see him. His mate was actually up in our little back-yard tree (it’s still quite small because the soil is so awful). The FPK and I watched for several minutes before they flew off.

We didn’t get a picture, so I borrowed this one from the Birds of Oklahoma site. It’s exactly what our guy looked like in song.


What do you think?

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