The air seems just a little thinner… the dark clouds have parted…the sun seems just a little brighter…


School’s out for the summer!!!! For me at least.

I turned in the last required paper for the semester – with 4.5 hours to spare, no less. That’s a land speed record, after all. So now I can put away the school books and pull out the fun books…

Well, kind of.
See, there’s this optional paper for NT. It would be a fourth grade and a little bit of a cushion. The topic is tantalizing – compare/contrast the role of women in the church based on 1 Peter and 1 Timothy and discuss what can the contemporary church learn from those books.

I’m trying to get fired up about writing one more paper, but part of me really just doesn’t want to. There is much too much family stuff that I could be doing. The evenings are beautiful (cool and clear with no humidity – when does THAT happen here in May??), the hubby is home, I’ve got a financial aid essay to knock out…

My pastor just stopped by to ask how I’m doing and reminded me that I’ll likely be as good a minister of Word and Sacrament whether I do the paper or not – and regardless of whether I make an A or B in one class.

SO what’s a girl to do? I’m thinking I’ll pray, do some preliminary reading, and see what comes. If a better offer comes along – like date night, perhaps? I’ll let the Spirit lead me to where I ought to spend my time.


What do you think?

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