One Test Down – 2 Papers to Go

The end is near. I’ve finished my last exam for the semester, and I’m down to 2 papers over the next few days. Then I’ll be 20% done with seminary.

Hard to believe that this time last year, I was submitting my application and wondering if I’d actually be accepted into a grad program 17 years after my Bachelors. I was newly under the care of my presbytery and just sorting out what half of that lingo actually meant.

These days, I’m sending applications to financial aid offices and talking to other potential inquirers about the process. I’m on the Seminary Student Council and have represented my cohort in conversations with the Dean and Advisory Board.

And yet, every day I am reminded that I am still a goober – God’s goober, but a goober nonetheless. Books that I’ve read in the Bible are full of stuff I swear I’ve never seen! But there they are – in all my translations. And stuff I have seen and thought I understood – think again. I think I’m starting to understand why, 6 years ago, God brought me to a moment of decision. I had to choose what I was going to give up for Him. Without knowing what it meant, I gave God my pride. I’ve been giving it away, little by little, ever since. I’m pretty sure it’s harder than losing weight (and I’m pretty crappy at that).

But once in a while, as I sit at God’s feet and ask for something, He reminds me about the days when I wouldn’t ask – I would just assume. Or the days I wouldn’t ask because it would mean admitting defeat. As I read through the New Testament this semester, I could see myself in those chasing after the foolishness of humanity’s wisdom. I thank God that I will never be wise enough to claim to know any more than the simple foolishness of the Cross.


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