Eeyore No More

Yeah, so the hubby calls me this afternoon to say that grades had to be posted today at local state college where he is both employed and an EdD student. A registrar knows these things, after all. But this time, he was looking for his own grades….

My dear Eeyore turned into a Tigger, as he saw an A! In the class he was most concerned about, no less. “Congratulations, Honey,” says I, contemplating the fact that I’m still 2 papers and an exam shy of completing my semester.

By this evening, the grade for his other class had been posted. Yep, we’re celebrating a 4.0 for the first semester. Not bad, considering that he hadn’t taken classes in about 10 years. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sitting on a couple of Bs this round, but I’ll be 20% closer to an MDiv than I was this time last year! I’m really going to try not to be competitive about this grade thing. I figure if we can post 3 good report cards on the fridge in the same month, that’ll be worth celebrating. We’ll see what the FPKs progress report says next week…


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