Jesus is on the loose!

My mom shared with me last weekend (as I moaned about the lack of Easter) a story that one of her pastor friends told her. Apparently, this gentleman has a seminary buddy who calls each year at a totally random hour on Easter Sunday. The phone call is very short:
Ring, Ring
Jesus is on the Loose!
—dial tone—

That’s it. And then it’s Easter.

Monday, I’m in the truck worshiping on the way to work. The local Christian Radio station isn’t the best at bringing on new music, but one caught my ear… It sounded familiar and not. It was Todd Agnew, and he’s re-arranged One Day as a bonus track on his latest CD. It doesn’t sound anything like the old hymn version, but the words are just as powerful.

Living He loved me
Dying He saved me
Buried He carried my sins far away
Rising He justified- freely forever!
One day He’s coming… O glorious day!!

By the end of the last chorus I found myself crying and laughing, thinking if it were just a little later in the morning I could have called my mom to say “Jesus is on the loose!”


What do you think?

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