Belated Friday Five – Millionaire Edition

Back when the FPK was about 2 or 3, I would drive him to the sitter that lived relatively close to the office I worked in at the time. During the commute, he learned the fine art of singing along in the car, mostly to CDs I’d play. One of our favorite sing-alongs was the Barenaked Ladies’ “If I had a million dollars”. If you’ve never heard it, go check it out. Very fun.

Anyway, the little man always asked for the “millen dolla song” and we’d sing along and add new ways to spend our millon dollas. So, it is in memory of the little voice coming from the rocket seat that I join in the Friday Five…. How would you spend a million dollars dropped into YOUR bank account?

1. Give 10% to Kingdom work. Not sure all would go to the local church, since we’re kind of between homes at the moment. But we’d put it to use. Put another 10% in Directed Giving Fund for later Kingdom giving.

2. Pay off all debts (maybe not whole mortgage, but we’d knock it down for sure)

3. Prepay remainder of Seminary for me and at least one classmate, including sabbatical money for internship year

4. Savings… sabbatical money for hubby to focus on his EdD for a year, celebratory money for 2013 European Family Adventure (FPK finishes High School, EdD and MDiv done).

5. Use whatever is left to surprise and bless people who need it… mission trips, scout camp, books for school, etc. Just being generous.


What do you think?

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