Done and Done

Whewwww… In case you were wondering, that is the reverberating echo of the collective sigh let out by some 25 or so seminarians after completing J-term Greek II yesterday. I’m pretty sure it’s still bouncing off several walls and being carried across the midwest by the wind that brought our beautiful new blanket of snow today.

Actually, I enjoyed both the Greek and the snow. After all, I am a word geek with a love of syntax and grammar who grew up in the south with limited exposure to snow. I actually made my first snow angel in YEARS today. What a total blast!

Today was chapel and the last of our small group meetings and tying up of loose ends. We also met the profs for our spring courses, neither of whom have ever attempted teaching a distance ed course. Thankfully, we’ve at least lived through a semester and can predict for them some of the craziness that might ensue.

It’s been a long three weeks away from home. Good, but long. I’m definitely ready to get back to the house and the family and some sort of “normal” schedule. That will have to be redefined (again) for NT Survey and Theology of Missions… I’m thinking that the reading will be different that splitting time between OT and Greek.

It’s hard to believe that the next time I’ll see these people is August. It was hard enough to wait August to January… This time it will be 7 months. Thank goodness for phones, email, webcams and blogs.


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