What happens when…

an animal-neutral person visits friends whose homes are highly animal friendly?
Immediately, every animal in said household becomes determined to the person over by climbing on, talking to, and otherwise engaging with this person up close and personal.

This has been one of those trips where everywhere I go there is at least one critter waiting for me. I really don’t mind them, but it’s kind of like when you travel without your own kids and end up hanging out with everyone else’s. After an hour or so of decompressing at another friend’s house last night, I realized that I was actually sitting there on alert- waiting for the next dog or cat to jump up on my lap. I had to laugh at myself, since there were no critters around. Post-Traumatic Pet Syndrome, perhaps?

You cram a semester of Greek into 2 weeks?
Well, this student becomes a grammatical nut-job. And starts watching other things fall off the edge of her brain and generally feels the need to blow off steam. Thankfully, we are on the last of the translation practice sentences. And we’re finally getting to do work from the book of John, which is much more fun.


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