God makes us special and unique

Ok, so my best friend and I are alike in some ways…
We enjoy a good pedicure and have come to the conclusion that hair color is a form of self-expression.
We passionately love our families
We are more likely to over-eat than over-exercise
We love music and leading worship
We are word people— writing is an important part of our work and personal lives

And then there are those things that make us very different…
If I like a food, she’s likely to hate it (except chocolate, of course)
Our tastes in china patterns, furniture styles and decor are wildly divergent
She has 2 dogs and 3 cats which roam the house; we have occasionally welcomed fish into our home
I am highly logical; she approaches life from an emotional perspective
I tend to be optimistic and silver-lining oriented; she can be a total downer

And yet, God has used us to help one another grow in some incredible ways. There have been seasons during which I would have walked the opposite direction on the street to avoid having a conversation. But because we were willing to speak truth to each other and trust God to love us through one another (even when we didn’t feel like it), we are now closer than I’ve ever felt to my own sisters.

I’m so thankful for this relationship, and I’m so thankful for the struggles that marked its history. Those experiences will help me to navigate difficult relationships in the future. And it makes me love God all the more for putting up with me as these rough edges are scraped away.


What do you think?

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