The best Christmas ever

First, the backstory…
All the FPK wanted for Christmas this year was a Wii. As did bunches of people, apparently, since they’ve been just this side of impossible to find for the last several months. Actually, he had saved up the money to buy it himself, but the hubby and I talked with the boy about how unlikely it was that he’d find one before New Years. We described the lunacy of people getting up crazy early, running around from store to store or paying 4x the list price on eBay.

Meanwhile, the hubby was stopping by the local game store every couple of days to see if there might be one in stock, just in case.

Well, on the Thursday before Christmas, Hubby’s lunch plans got scrapped and he made one more trip to the store. He asked the kid working the counter if they had any Wiis, expecting the usual laughter. Instead he walked to the back and brought out a box… “Please tell me that’s not an empty box…” The kid says, “Bro, you’ve been coming in and being so patient. Today it pays off.”

Fast-forward to Christmas morning, just after all the packages have been unwrapped.
Me: So son, good Christmas?
FPK: This was the best Christmas ever. I got the books I wanted and some games and stuff I can use when we finally get my Wii. And I even liked the clothes. This is really the best Christmas I can ever remember. I love all you guys for doing this for me.
Hubby: Ok, well take a look under the tree, in the branches and behind the couch to make sure we haven’t missed anything.
FPK: Hey– there’s something back here in brown paper. It says to Me, from Me… giggles begin as the paper is torn off… No way! No Way! … giggles become even more manic as he realizes that it’s just like Christmas Story… I love me!!
Suddenly, all those conversations come back to him.
FPK: How did you do this?? You didn’t do something crazy did you?
Hubby tells the story
FPK: I love you for doing that. Thank you!!

My favorite part is that it was the Best Christmas Ever before the Wii.
Next favorite was hearing real appreciation for the effort that went into getting it.


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