You know your life is busy when…

  • Your last post was more than a month ago
  • You schedule hair appointments based on how many weeks you’d have to wait for another window of opportunity
  • Your Amazon wish list was last updated in August 2006
  • The only thing you want to add to said wish list is 24 hours.

Yes… 24 hours. Not the TV show. I want 24 hours of absolutely no responsibilities.

No papers to write, no assigned readings, no emails to answer, no music to plan or lead, no sermons to write, no children’s ministry to do, no errands to run, no meals to plan, no random questions to answer because no one knows who else to ask, no guilt over blog collecting virtual dust. Oh and no family stuff either. Or Day job.

How in the world would this happen? EASY! The hubby wakes up crazy early (as he does) and takes FPK out for a day at the local theme park (as they do). Meanwhile, I stay in bed until I bloody well feel like thinking about possibly considering the need to perhaps roll out.

They stay busy being boys while I eat (or don’t eat) breakfast sometime around noon, shower and do nothing at home or head out to spend spa gift card money that has been gathering dust.

They come home sometime after I’ve curled up on a couch or bed to eat something horribly fattening and watch something completely mindless. They allow me to acknowledge their presence without speaking (from either party) and go on enjoying my space. If I choose to engage them in conversation, I can. Otherwise all bets are off until the next morning.

Santa Baby- hurry that one down the chimney, wouldja???? huh?????


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