Wow… I’m behinder than I thought

I can’t believe I hadn’t updated the FPK medical saga…

So, the last day I am supposed to wear the brace for my thumb injury, I am thankful that I have it with me. Why, you ask?

Because one week to the day after the FPK is released to fully participate in life after the right arm break (drum roll here…….)

He comes into the sanctuary from the “game time” at youth group holding his obviously broken left arm. I had just finished leading Children’s Worship and was sitting down to study for a Greek exam, and dinner. The hubby had just driven away. So, I pack up all my gear, grab an ice pack, and off we go.

It was a nasty fracture this time, with a slight wrist dislocation just for fun. So round two of visits to the orthopedic doctor begins, with a lovely green cast for the advent season. The first few weeks, it was fingers to shoulder, just to be sure the pieces didn’t pull back apart in that early healing period.

For the past 3 weeks, it’s been the forearm only. At least with the time split, neither of them have gotten as RANK as the first one. Probably helps that the average temp is about 15 degrees lower, too.

We head back to see if the cast can come off on Christmas Eve. That would be a lovely gift. If not, we’ve got some battery operated lights we’ll wrap on his arm, so we can sing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” around him and eat Dolly Madison Zingers.


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