Workman’s Comp

For the first time in my life. After working in actual places where I could have been hurt by any variety of difficult and potentially hazardous activity.
I had to file my first workman’s comp claim this week. I am so embarrassed.

Why, you ask? Because I work in an office environment and mostly just use a laptop and a phone to do my work. I even have an ergonomically correct chair for Pete’s sake! How in the world, in an office with almost no sharp edges, does one injure oneself badly enough to visit a clinic?
I have a storage bin similar to this one, but the lid actually is flat. It lifts on a hinge until it’s parallel to the top, then slides back over the bin to hide away.

Just as I had the lid ready to push backwards, I reached in to get something. The lid slipped out of my right hand, swung down on its hinge and landed on my left thumb. You know that bone that runs from your wrist to the lowest knuckle of your thumb? It looked like it had a cartoon lump on it!

SO, after (shockingly) saying only something resembling “ooomrphmmm” I went looking for ice. I called my supervisor, who called HR, who called Risk Management, who called me back and said, “Let’s get that checked now rather than later”.

Three hours and one xray at our neighborhood urgent care clinic later and my thumb was pronounced unbroken. But the contusion was bad enough that the doc wanted to immobilize it to promote healing. The only splint for thumbs they had was one for wrist and thumb, so I’m walking around (and trying to type!) with what looks like a removable cast for a broken wrist.

All mock whining aside, I’m thankful that it’s not broken. And I’m thankful I have a workplace that cares enough for me to send me to the Doc. I know that I am blessed beyond measure to have a job, a beautiful home, and a healthy family when so many have none of these.

But geepers, do those doors have to weigh so much????


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