Friday Five – It’s ahhhhhhlll about me

Here’s the challenge for the week, which may be harder than thinking about books or interviews or favorite movies with DOG in the title (ok, so the last one I made up and wasn’t a F5). Anyway:
I am writing in my official capacity of grump!!! No seriously, with the shops and stores around us filling with Christmas gifts and decorations, the holiday season moving up on us quickly for many the time from Thanksgiving onwards will be spent in a headlong rush towards Christmas with hardly a time to breathe…. I am looking at the possibility of finding little gaps in the day or the week to spend in extravagant unbusyness ( a wonderful phrase coined by a fellow revgal)…So given those little gaps, name 5 things you would do to care for your body
Get to the gym 3x a week instead of 3x a month. I can tell that I have been slack in several ways – and not just the lack of slack in my slacks!

2. to care for your spirit
Extended time in prayer and praise.

3. to care for your mind
Sudoku – the easy ones that remind me that I really can solve problems. My classwork challenges me enough to keep me sharp, I need some fun, too!

4. to bring a sparkle to your eye
That one will be negotiated later with the wonderful hubby!

5. to place a spring in your step
A manipedi afternoon with my girlfriend

Enjoy the time to indulge and dream…. and then for a bonus which one on the list are you determined to put into action?
Honestly, I will likely do all 5, with #1 being the hardest to achieve. But now that it’s posted, I’ve got some incentive to make it happen.


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