Books, Books, Books – and a pencil or two

As much as I’m enjoying school, I have to say that I am truly buried. I’m becoming very good friends with my kitchen table, which is the largest flat surface in the house (besides the floor, of course). That’s the only place I can spread out all my Greek stuff in order to make sense of the 150 or so words and various voices, parts and tenses that come along with them.

The other thing that has happened is that our family has really come to treasure the hours that we have together during the week. We’d had the luxury of four nights a week together for dinner and hanging out, but I don’t know that we really appreciated that time until it became scarce this fall. With the FPK at youth group and play practice 3 nights, the Hubby at Scouts and teaching 2 nights, and my random meetings plus band rehearsal 1-2 nights, we are lucky to have 1 or 2 dinners during the week around the table.

I love that the FPK is willing to sit at the table with me to do his math or science homework while I whittle away at mine. And he’s found a couple of his toys that make good study buddies for me when I have to keep working past his bedtime… and often, mine!


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