Out of the fog and mists

I’m Back… mostly!

It’s been a foggy, groggy couple of days, but I’m definitely feeling better. There are a couple of things that I’m going to take away from this experience…

First, I’ve got more friends who care about my well-being than I really knew I had. More people than I ever expected offered help, meals, whatever I needed. It was so nice! Even though there wasn’t a lot for folks to do, it was really nice to know they cared!

Second, every person I interacted with at the hospital was incredibly nice and warm. It was like going to the Ritz… literally. The only other place I have experienced that consistent a level of customer service – the Ritz hotels at which I have helped run events. What a wonderful gift it was to have people concerned that I was emotionally OK– the whole time.

I was in and out of the place before the originally scheduled time for my procedure (the doc rearranged things a bit), yet the nurses and folks never seemed out of sorts in terms of getting me prepped ahead of schedule. Of course with no clocks or watches around, I would never have known!

Anyway… I am doing well physically. And I am feeling like I might be able to re-engage mentally today. Yesterday was a little foggy – definitely a hang out and chill out day meant for avoiding decisions 🙂

I am thankful for all the prayers and love that I’ve felt this week. And I am thankful for God’s care for me.


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