And now for something completely different

So, tomorrow morning, earlier than this night owl EVER gets out of bed, I’m off to the local Women & Children’s Hospital for what might just be a life-changing procedure.

See, after months of extra doctor visits and tests, several varieties of pharmacological trials and errors, and just waiting & seeing, the plumbing doc and I have finally appeased the Insurance Beast….

Tomorrow morning I get say goodbye to the monthly trip to the drug store for feminine sanitary supplies. I get to say goodbye to only dark colored pants! I get to say good bye to the wondering if I’d get more than a week or two between the 10-day diaper-rash-inducing visit from Auntie Flo. I get to say goodbye to missing workouts thanks to low energy and flooding. And finally, goodbye to cramps that wake me from a deep sleep!

Not saying goodbye to El Utero altogether, just changing the infrastructure a bit. If you’re curious, just google novasure. All the details are there on the website, so that I don’t have to list them here.

Am I nervous? Nope. Well, I’m always nervous when I have to follow “no late night drinking” rules and arrive someplace early. Just because I tend to oversleep.
Should I be nervous? I don’t think so. After all, I have been praying about this whole process. I’ve asked God to clear the way for me to get the right treatment for me. Since we tried all the other non-invasive options, and they actually made things worse, I trust that this is right.
Plus, I am benefiting from the improvements made in this particular treatment in the past several year, my doc has done this for 100s of patients who have seen very positive results with very low incidence of complication.

My prayers now are for good rest tonight, good timing getting up and getting across town, good treatment from doc and all involved in the tests and procedures, and then no complications or setbacks during recovery.

My follow up is set for the day before my 41st birthday. I’m thinking a clean bill of health from Dr B will be a great present! And future!


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