T-Minus 5 Days and Counting

So the countdown begins. I can’t believe I’m only 5 days from orientation. Classes start a week from today. I have books lined up and ready to read. I have a new study Bible ready to highlight and scribble notes in. I have clothes set aside to put in my suitcase. I have a packing list to help me remember the other things I need. I wonder if I’ll have access to a laundry room at some point? Maybe the boys can find a Laundromat in town before they fly home…

Yesterday was my last Sunday worship as a pre-Seminarian. Pastor Jefe made sure to announce it to everyone just before the benediction; I think mostly because we were saying goodbye to one of our on again-off again musician/members who is headed off for a worship & music degree at another seminary. Many more people than I expected came up to give me hugs and let me know they’ll be praying for me. Thank goodness. Lord knows I’ll need it. As will the rest of the household.

I think the Hubby is getting a little stressed. He’s actually making noises about getting a dog for the FPK. Mind you, the Matriarch of the household (Mom, not me) is pretty anti-dog. Definitely anti-puppy. Any new critter brought into the household will need to be hypo-allergenic, low key and low maintenance.

I’m pretty ambivalent on the dog thing. I mean FPK can’t remember to close the refrigerator door. How is getting a dog going to instill responsibility in him (as opposed to me and Mom)? But then, at least we’re not talking cats.

Besides, I think I can delay the action a bit by requiring the boys to do some research on which types of dogs we ought to be looking at, where we might be able to adopt or rescue one, etc. That takes time and requires pulling one’s attention away from things that are much more interesting and electronic in nature.

Sometime soon, I gotta schedule the annual eye exam for me & FPK. Hopefully we’ll be able to stretch this prescription a little farther…


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