Then & now is good to consider… now & then

This time last year,
I was facing down 40 with a bad haircut and lame wardrobe.

I was looking at want ads, knowing I wasn’t meant to be in my current job forever.

I was struggling with whether I was truly ready to talk to God about this fish I’d been sitting in for 17 years.

I was preparing to go on my first ever mission trip to Mexico, and I’d only told one person that I was discerning a call to pastoral ministry. And it wasn’t the hubby

I’m approaching 41 with confidence– 20 pounds lighter and looking pretty good! New ‘do & new duds are a real boost!

I’m finally getting rid of that fishy odor and spending more time with the eagles.

I’m preparing to head north – to Iowa instead of Morelos. I’ll be thinking about those beautiful children I met last year, whose smiles inspire me even today to remember all ages are meant to worship together and that every child needs to hear about our loving God.

I’m buying books, filling out forms, and signing off on loans (eek) to become a student again.

I’m amazed at what God can do in a year, especially when I let Him.


What do you think?

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