Well, I did it.

I spoke truth to our little church family – in love and in faith that God would take those words and change hearts. I have to confess that it wasn’t easy. In fact, there was the most bizzarre bit of spiritual warfare I’ve ever seen this morning…

An LDS church has purchased a piece of land about 1/2 mile from our land. They had to have a house moved off the land, which took up the whole 2-lane road. It also required the electrical lines and traffic lights down on the primary throroughfare leading to our little road.

Needless to say, traffic was nuts and 5 minutes before service, there were only about 50 people in the room. Sigh. Of course, this is the week that I decided to take the announcements and move them to the end of the service… so, the band and I stalled by doing an extra “gathering song”.

The service went well, and I was really pleased with the way the liturgy flowed with the music and readings. That may be one of my favorite parts of Sunday – seeing how the Spirit leads us to the right bits and pieces that make a beautiful whole.

The sermon was tough. I usually have some serious moments and some light moments built in, but this one was chewy and designed to make folks squirm. They did, and they smiled at the right moments. But there were good moments of real contemplation. And there were real moments of quiet discomfort. I was very pleased to see very open body language though. Folks didn’t shut down. All in all, it was a relief to be done. Not a dropped burden relief. More of a wow – that went better than I hoped relief.

Not that I doubted God’s direction in this. I actually was never afraid, because God sent me confirmation in so many ways. And the guest preacher last week set me up perfectly, allowing me to use his primary points and key verse to bring in the challenge to change. God is Good! All the Time!


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