It all evens out….

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one about how everything evens out. Jerry finds money in his jacket pocket; Jerry loses money out the window… it all evens out.

I finally win a daily Trivia challenge (my name at the top of the list for 24 hours!). I guess poorly the next day, with little chance of breaking the top 20….

I celebrate the victory of one of our friends over the stroke that almost took him. I weep with my dear friend whose cancer may have returned. Again.

Maybe it comes from being a Libra. Maybe it’s my ambidextrous nature. Maybe it’s a deluxe coping mechanism.

But I prefer to think that faith allows me to keep moving forward, even though I don’t know whether today will bring a victory or a defeat – or even a draw – because I know that God can redeem even the lowest points in our lives for His glory.


What do you think?

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