It’s Monday.

Tonight I pick up the FPK at the airport. He’s definitely ready to be home- turns out he spent an entire week at the cabin in Maine, which means that he was without cable, game system and children his age for about 7 of the 10 days he was away. I’m guessing we’ve got 24 hours before the first sleepover request.

Pastor Jefe is on vacation this week, and I’ve got the service. This means that span of time between day job and FPK’s arrival will be spent in the Book of Common Worship and Song Database to build a liturgy. That’s always fun! Really. I love that part of the week. Then I can really dig into the sermon.

I mailed my “save me a chair” check to the UDTS this morning. It’s finally becoming something within reach. I’m ready for the challenge, I think. Of course, it won’t be really real until I’m on the plane in August.

Yesterday was one of the most fun services we’ve had in ages. Partly because we did a whole service of songs that I love. And partly because our guest preacher hit a home run. And he set me up for the sermon I’ve wanted to give but wasn’t sure the timing was right. I love this God of ours who is so much bigger than the little fiddly bits I bring Him. And love that he laughs at me instead of booting me out.


What do you think?

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