Kidless Week Has Come

Ah, the bittersweet moment of freedom that arrives the moment the Southwest jet goes airborn…

Yep, the hubby took Wonderboy to the airport this morning – for an 8 am departure. Off to see the New England side of the family. This has been one of my favorite summer traditions, which started when we moved from Texas to Florida.

Back when the boy was a wee pup, we’d schedule a YaYa (that’s grandmother in our house) visit, then she’d haul the boy to Texas. My sister or I would fly out a week or so later for a short visit and bring him home. Once he got old enough to hop a plane alone, we started doing one leg unaccompanied. Then he could actually spend a week with the Texas family and another week in Rhode Island.

This is the first year he’ll make the round trip up north alone. In the past, he’s had a night or two of homesickness. And the week leading up to the flight was full of angst. But the little man is pushing 12 now. The conversation was more like, “You know, I’m gonna miss you guys next week. But I’m going to have fun.” Not a whine to be heard. He’s ready to prove that he can be independent. That may have something to do with the fact that he wants to do the mission trip to Mexico next summer…

Anyway, he took off this morning for a 10-day sojourn. The house is (MUCH) quieter, the laundry will be much lighter, the milk will last longer, and I’ll get at least 5 fewer smoochies every day.


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