VBS = VeryBusySchedule

(Written Thurs, June 7, posting delayed by demonic internet connection)

You’d think after a couple of years of this I’d be prepared for the insanity that running a VBS music program entails. But no… I go into Sunday night thinking that since I’ve got the music picked out and a couple of solid helpers it’ll be a piece of cake. Two hours, 5 rotations and a closing session later, I’m still ok. How hard can it be?

After 5 nights of singing & strumming for 2 straight hours, I have to say I’m ready for the Vacation part of Vacation Bible School to start. Of course, if I weren’t also trying to work 7 hours and keep up with the house daily, it wouldn’t be as taxing.

I also have to admit that each of those 2-hour sessions are some of the most energizing times of worship and teaching there are. How could you NOT love leading those little Pre-K hands how to light up little candles and shine the light of the Lord for the world to see? And to have young Presby kids DANCING with hands ABOVE their shoulders? Brilliant!

And as the week went on, some of the shyest kids were the ones offering to pray before heading out to Games or Storytelling… such sweet prayers! My favorite was from a little guy who was a visitor – Dear God, Thank you for this church. It’s really fun! Amen. Not bad for a first time praying out loud. Every night the prayers got longer and were usually tag teamed.

Everyone else is done, resting, relaxing, remembering. Meanwhile, I’m creating the powerpoint slides and sorting out the musical crew for our Sunday celebration! Thank goodness El Jefe is preaching. Of course, if it were up to me, we’d just do it like VBS that morning, too. Sing a song, talk about the lyrics and how to apply them to our daily lives, sing the next song, talk a little more, dance a little, and pray for each other. Can’t beat a little “I’ve Got a River of Life” exegesis for remembering who we are, Whom we serve, and the business we ought to be about doing!”


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