Amble – Ample… what do you say?

Caught this on the NPR news website, in report recapping a recent presidential debate:

…the journalists stayed out of the picture, asked sensible questions and gave the candidates amble time to answer them.

This one I like! I’m pretty sure they meant ample (meaning sufficient), but I like the idea of having time to amble (as in: to walk without great hurry) through an answer.

This makes me think a couple of folks I know who get seriously annoyed when the Sunday service goes longer than an hour. Especially if the sermon is to blame. Or if the sermon is longer than 20 minutes, regardless of the full service run-time.

The latest ire-producer was “fly-up” Sunday. Since we had an extra-long time with the kids (instead of the usual 3-minute Children’s Event), it was “inexcusable” to have a full-length sermon. Thankfully, it was Pastor Jefe in the pulpit for 25-30 minutes, not me. I might not have been able to bite my tongue during the resulting rant.

I, on the other hand, am perfectly happy for the service to run as long as it needs to. We needed to honor the kids and the SS teachers. The message was an important one in the life of the church. And it wasn’t as if PJ rambled or repeated incessantly. I’m going to have to find a way to explore this issue (gently) to really understand the why behind the peeve.

All I know is that when I plan my services and sermons, I like to allow amble time for the Spirit to answer the question, “What do You have for me today?”


What do you think?

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