Waiting, in the waiting room, in a waiting mode…

Ok – several years ago, Hubby and I watched quite possibly the most inane report ever submitted by a local journalist. She was standing outside a hospital (in the dark, as this was the 11pm news), reporting on a local car wreck that had captured everyone’s attention.

After footage of the mangled vehicles, they cut back to the woman who should NEVER be allowed to speak extemporaneously, much less in front of a camera, who says,
“The family are inside waiting, in the waiting room in a waiting mode (pause for effect) waiting for word from the surgeons.” Blink. Blink. Cut back to the anchor, who blinks a couple of times, and segues to the weather desk.

That’s where I am today… not in a hospital, but in a waiting mode…

  • I’m waiting for all my papers to hit the Admissions office, so that I can
    schedule the phone interview.
  • I’m waiting for that to happen so that they can pray over my application and
    let me know if I’m in.
  • I’m waiting for that decision to purchase plane tickets for the first batch
    of on site classes.
  • I’m waiting for all of that to fall into place before I send any more emails
    to folks announcing my career course change, so I’ll be able to answer them
    something other than, “still waiting on…”
  • Of course, I’m not sure what I’m waiting for to get started on financial aid
    paperwork, other than the fear that I’ll get none!!

Anyone know of any benevolent folks who love to give scholarships to part-time seminarians?


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